Frequently Asked Questions

Hi from Mich,

A big thank you for buying direct from the Creating Cadence Store!

Supporting independent creators is better than supporting big behemoths, so I appreciate you making the effort to do so, THANK YOU!

If you’ve got questions about how things work on the site, these Frequently Asked Questions might help.

Why should I buy books and products from you, when it’s cheaper and faster to get it from the big guys?

Smaller businesses and indie publishers cannot compete with big online stores, nor are we trying to. Those are crowded marketplaces where it is difficult to get seen and heard.

When you buy direct you are supporting me as an independent creator, and also my independent printers and suppliers. Together we are striving to provide you with high-quality products that you will appreciate and enjoy, and not mass produced throwaway articles.

Buying direct also helps me to receive remuneration for your purchase within the same week, rather than waiting months to get a revenue payout from a big online supplier. Cash flow is queen for an indie author like myself, it helps keeps the wheels in motion so I can build a sustainable business, where I can create more value for customers like you in the long run.

Will the ebook work on my device?

Once you’ve purchased an ebook on my Shopify store, it gets distributed to you by BookFunnel.

You’ll get an email from help@bookfunnel.com with a link to download the ebook.

You will have the option to download the book in ePub, Mobi and PDF versions directly to your advice, or download to your computer, or read in a browser. If this download email doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes of buying your book, please check your Spam folder.

You can also find your ebooks in your Bookfunnel library at https://My.BookFunnel.com. Log into BookFunnel with the email you used to purchase/download your books.

If you need any help transferring the ebook to your device, please email: help@bookfunnel.com or check https://getbookfunnel.com/.

The BookFunnel team are amazing, super helpful and quick to respond.

Do you have an audiobook version of your books?

The release of The Cadence Effect audiobook is planned for late 2023.

Once it’s ready to launch, if purchased from the Creating Cadence Store, it will be delivered to you via BookFunnel.

The same instructions as listed above will apply.

How long does it take to receive a print copy of your book if I buy from the Creating Cadence Store?

Delivery times depend on the country you're in, and which shipping option you choose at checkout, and can vary from 3 to 15 days depending on these variables.

Unlike Amazon, this isn’t about speed, so we don’t offer next day delivery, and appreciate your patience.

When you purchase a print on demand book, the order gets printed and distributed by an independent printer. (There is no warehouse full of books waiting to be sent off).

At the moment, my printer is only based in the UK, so shipping abroad is expensive, but the good news is that they have expansion plans! So during 2023, there will soon be options to have your copy of the book printed in Australia, USA and other countries, too.

I'll add more answers to your questions as they come up. This is my first foray into online selling, so I'm sure there's a lot to be learned.

Thanks for your patience and your support. :)