About The Cadence Effect

The Cadence Effect, by Mich Bondesio, is a combination of a hand book, workbook and guide book.

It's packed with guiding personal stories, insightful contextual prompts, and simple, science-backed practical tips, plus a host of reflection activities.

The aim of this book is to help you activate more of your potential, create more cadence in your days and more meaning in your life, all whilst supporting your creativity, productivity and wellbeing.


  • The links between Stress Management, Burnout, Procrastination & the Patriarchy.
  • How to support your Digital Wellness, Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing better.
  • Simple ways to improve your Productivity, Time Management, Focus & Flow.
  • The meaning of Cadence & how Intentional Productivity helps us keep moving forwards in every part of our lives.
  • The connection between Wellbeing, Creativity & Productivity.

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